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You need the pure heart and eye to catch the beauty of nature, just wish it, nature is always there to show her charms. View from Jhapre village of Tapting.

Old Monument

According to Buddhist philosophy carving mani on stones is also regard as a meditation, because one who carved Buddhist mantra on plain stone need proper focus and understanding of meaning so it is a kind of meditation too. Local monks or lama construct it on the way or center of village so other local people help them to pile and latter on it grow bigger and biggler as year passes. According to local people, the stone mane found in Tapting village is said to be more than 100 years old. Most of the Himalayan region of Nepal, where Buddhist follower lived, there you will find stone carved small to big size mane on the way.


Tapting village consist of mix community. Even though dense population of Sherpa in Tapting Village, there we can find Magar, Tamang, Dalit and Aryan community simultaneously. Majorities of Magar community are living in Fatanje & Chailung. Similarly majorities of Tamang community are found in Juke, Tapting & Dikure , Majorities of Dalit communities are found in Shisha. Rest Sherpa community are all over the Tapting village.

Apple Farming

Talking about Apple of Tapting is said to be best and test good than other village of Solukhumbu, One can see Apple garden in the season at the back or in-front of house. The size of apple is satisfactory with sweet test. Due to lack of apple market most of the apple are consumed by local. They prepare local apple wine.

Jhapre Monastery
Gora Khani
Lhmuje Churten
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About Us

The main goal of promoting Tapting is to share the social activities including development of Tapting. We see the potentiality of Tapting from Tourism and cash crops like Potato, Maize, Fruits,  Apple, Kiwi . Pikey Peak is main attraction of this area, where many internal and foreign tourist visit every year to see the Himalayan ranges like Everest ect.  

Promoting Sherpa culture and preserving old historic monument is challenging these day so we local people are working on it from the beginning. We also like to upgrade the quality of education so every future youth of Tapting can bring changes along with development. 

History Of Sherpa

Talking about Sherpa is little bit different than other caste in Nepal. Here they are said to be the origin of Tibet living on the high valleys around the east Mountain around Everest. Sherpa is a tribe that is migrated to Nepal form Kham, Eastern Tibet before fifteen hundred year ago. According to Sherpa Language “Shar” means east and “pa” means people so historian describe as the people who live in the east. Around 15 centuries Sherpas enter to Khumbu region of Nepal as nomadic herders from east Tibet. It is said that they crossed the high Himalayan of northeastern and settled peacefully. Sherpa are living mainly in the Solukhumbu region. As times passed Sherpa people move to different region of Nepal for different purpose like business etc. …..


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Only peoples of Tapting

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Tapting is a village development committee in Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha Zone of north-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census, it had a population of 2016 people living in 339 individual households. According to recent population research data in 2015, the population of Tapting VDC is 7580, living in 4850 individual […]

Chhong Karma Sherpa

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Beautiful village, local food, diverse culture and naturally beautiful, lovely view of Pikey Peak and mountain ranges from pikey. beautiful landscape with pine tree including rhododendron trees and fresh Himalayan air.

Suraj Tamang

Pokhara, Nepal
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Tough walk from Dhap to Pikey with enjoying the beautiful scenic beauty of nature feels like walking on the horizon of heaven, blew beautiful local Sherpa village covered by morning cloud i remember that i am having a long distance flight as above the cloud.  

Suresh Gh

kathmandu, Nepal


Attraction of Tapting

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Monastery of Lumsa, Tapting

Monastery of Lumsa, Tapting ……

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Jhapre Monastery

Jhapre Monastery is one of the oldest monastery of Tapting Village. continuee…..

The Pikey Peak

The Pikey peak  (4,068m), is one of the tallest mountains of  Solukhumbu. The name “Pikey” is derived from the Sherpa language. The North Side is Tapting and Gora Khani, backside of  is Goli Rural Municipality of Solukhumbu.

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