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The name of our organization is the Tapting Samaj Sewa (TSS) , also known as Sherpa community group in Kathmandu. The head office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The purpose of the Tapting Sherpa Kyidug is to preserve Sherpa culture, language, tradition, religion and heritage. Here is a link to our Constitution
Mission Statement: The Tapting Sherpa Kyidug is a non-profit organization of Sherpa in the Kathmandu. It strives to preserve and promote the unique Sherpa Cultural tradition within the Sherpa Community. The Tapting Sherpa Kyidug is committed to the principles of non-political, non-violence and supports Sherpa in need of help in Kathmandu.
Aims & Objectives: To strengthen and unify different Sherpa communities within the Kathmandu. Preserve and promote the Sherpa people distinct religious and cultural heritage. Educate the younger generation of Sherpa-Nepali about their history, religion and culture. What We Do? We organize the annual “Losar” Sherpa New Year, which is one of the most important and exciting ethnic events of the year. We organize events and activities such fundraisers for Sherpa Nepali children. We maintain close touch with our Sherpa community in Kathmandu, Kathmandu through the promotion of our Sherpa Nepali religious and cultural heritage. Membership: Membership is open to anyone interested in joining our society. Membership is $ 20.00 per family per annul and life membership is $ 200.
To serve the Sherpa Nepali community in the Greater Tapting Area, bring all Sherpa Nepali brothers and sisters on a common platform under a single umbrella, and create a congenial environment of friendship, fellow feeling, mutual understanding, mutual cooperation and mutual respect to help each other in every possible way at the time of need.
To preserve and promote the rich Sherpa Nepalese cultural, traditional, and historical heritage
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