Tapting is on the way to Salleri Bazzar on the lower belt of Solukhumbu. Solukhumbu itself is rich in natural resources. The stunning beauty of himalayas & show cap mountain is main attraction of internal and international tourism. Mt. everest, khanchanjunga, Gaurishankar, Mahakalu including many small peaks are clearly viewed from the top of Pikey Peak which is situated at Tapting village. The oldest buddhist temple of Jhapre and its natural beauty including fresh & cool environment drags anyone to visit once again.

Huge natural forest and flora & fauna found in this forest is next natural resources. Different types of herbs including red mushrooms are found in jungle of Tapting. You can also see wild animal life dear, lophophorus, wild monkey and bear can be see grazing inside the jungle.

Solnas river this is originated from the top of pikey and flows through Tapting village, Micro hydro project are also expected to run from this river in future.

Most of the forest is covered by pine tree and this trees are the best source of income by selling its timber.  Normally we call Loth Salla and salla tree in Nepali language. Local export its timber and also they use for domestic purpose according to their need.