Tapting have a mixed community. Majority of Sherpas are found in village, rest Tamang, Magar including Dalit are found in some part of village. Having a mixed community, there is no any dispute and misunderstanding among people living village, each community respect to other religion and living in harmony. Each community have their own language, religion and culture. There is different cluster area where particular community share their natural resources to livelihood. Community have their own community forest user group to manage the forest. Fatanje, Chailunj is occupied by Magar community, rest Chyangba, Khamding, Tapting, Solnasa, Lumsa, Dimbil majority are Sherpa and rest Tamang are found in Juke area.

Khamding is a center for tapting where small local market are establish as a grocery for the convenience of local people, Next Solnasa is also becoming a hub between Gorakhani, Tapting, and Kerung.