Talking about Sherpa is little bit different than other caste in Nepal. Here they are said to be the origin of Tibet living on the high valleys around the east Mountain around Everest. Sherpa is a tribe that is migrated to Nepal form Kham, Eastern Tibet before fifteen hundred year ago. According to Sherpa Language “Shar” means east and “pa” means people so historian describe as the people who live in the east. Around 15 centuries Sherpas enter to Khumbu region of Nepal as nomadic herders from east Tibet. It is said that they crossed the high Himalayan of northeastern and settled peacefully. Sherpa are living mainly in the Solukhumbu region. As times passed Sherpa people move to different region of Nepal for different purpose like business etc. So currently Sherpa are living in Shankuwashaba, Dolakha, Khotang, Bhojpur,Ramachap,Taplejung, Langtang, Upper Helambu region even in Kathmandu. Talking out of Nepal Sherpa are also found in Darjiling, Kalapong and Sikkim. Sherpa are famous for mountaineering since Tenzing Norgey accent Mt. Everest first time. Therefore, Sherpa are found in highest elevation. Sherpa have their own language, which is similar to Tibetan and Tibetan script are used for writing. Sherpa follow Buddhist religion.

Attraction of Tapting

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Monastery of Tapting.

monastery of tapting ……

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Jhapre Monastery

Jhapre Monastery is one of the oldest monastery of Tapting Village. continuee…..

The Pikey Peak

The Pikey peak  (4,068m), is one of the tallest mountains of  Solukhumbu. The name “Pikey” is derived from the Sherpa language. The North Side is Tapting and Gora Khani, backside of  is Goli Rural Municipality of Solukhumbu.

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